How do I make an appointment?

Call the rooms on 02 4947 8177

What do I bring to the appointment?

Referral (from GP or specialists), Medicare card, Health fund card, Pension or Healthcare card and workers compensation details (if Applicable).

How long will my appointment take?

Appointment times can vary, you will see the nurse first and then see the doctor. This can take 30-45mins. This does not include any delays. We advise you to ring prior to your appointment to check if he is running on time.

How much will a consultation cost?

Initial consultations are $200 for appointments regarding general surgery and $220 for weight loss surgery. Follow-up consultations are $100. If it has been over 12 months since your last visit the cost is the same as the initial consultation. Medicare rebates are available and can be completed in the rooms while you are here. Health fund rebates are only available for in-hospital services.

See here for more: Informed Financial Consent

What do I do in the lead up to surgery?

Ensure you have filled in and present the admission booklet to the hospital where you will be undergoing surgery, or that you have filled in the online admission via the hospital website. If you do an online admission you must take the consent form (in the booklet) with you on the day of surgery to the hospital.

How do I find details about the day of surgery?

The hospital will phone you the working day prior to your surgery and inform you of what time to be at the hospital, when to start fasting (stop eating or drinking) and any other special instructions.

Should I stop my medications prior to surgery?

Please call our nurse on 4947 8177 to discuss your medications.

For weight loss patients

What will happen at my first appointment?

You will see the nurse who will go through your medical history and then see the surgeon. You may be referred to have some blood test, see a dietician, have a gastroscopy and/or see a psychologist. Once these have been completed, you will return to see doctor approximately 4-6 weeks after your first appointment.

Do I really need to see a psychologist?

Yes, if at the appointment you were instructed to see a psychologist you must undertake this task before your next appointment with Dr Karihaloo. If you have a psychologist that you already actively see, please discuss this with us. If you do not, we have psychologists that we refer to who specialist in bariatric patients undergoing weight loss surgery and we will give you the instructions at the first appointment.

How much will surgery cost?

You will be approximately out-of-pocket $6000 after everyone’s fees. This includes the surgeon, anaesthetist, assistant and any pathology fees. Initially you will need to outlay more than $6000 and claim from Medicare and your private health fund.  This does not include your hospital excess if you have one.

See here for more: Informed Financial Consent


Dr Karihaloo practices from the second floor of the Lake Macquarie Specialist Medical Centre.

Level 2, Suite 1
Lake Macquarie Specialist Medical Centre
6-8 Sydney St, Gateshead NSW 2290

If you have any enquiries or to make an appointment phone (02) 4947 8177 or email admin@surgerycentral.com.au